Labeling & Marketing

One of the most unique benefits of working with A/B Technologies is the way we are able to promote and build our clients’ proprietary brands in the marketplace. Our in-house labeling capabilities not only allow for high-quality branding, but give us the flexibility to make any last-minute changes, and quickly turn around your custom order.

Vivo label printerThe Vivo technology system enables A/B Technologies to create fast-turnaround, high-quality labels for your products.

Once you submit a PDF of your product label, we’ll take it from there. With our Vivo printing system, we can print full-color, professional quality labels on demand, in any quantity. Because we have no minimum order, we only print what you need which saves you time and money. And because we don’t have to contract with an outside printing company, we can get your labels printed, applied to the product, and shipped out overnight. Need to change your label? No problem, just send us another PDF, and we’ll print a new batch.

A/B Technologies develops and manufactures YOUR product, shipped with YOUR private label. We NEVER compete with your brand. Our state-of-the art production facility and high-quality in-house labeling capabilities ensure that your products not only meet the highest industry standards of quality, but are brought to market as quickly as possible.